The Digby family of trucking began in 1934 when W.J. Digby was running a produce stand in Colorado. When produce volumes became such, he decided to buy a truck. One truck led to two and away we went.


He founded several trucking companies over the years and involved family members at every opportunity. These ventures advanced to an extensive trucking empire from which evolved the well known Digby's Golden Arrow Trucking Company based in Denver, Colorado.


The Digby Family has become one of the leading providers of transportation in the United States.

WJ Digby on a job site, digging a lake

A Story of Honesty

WJ Digby purchased a team of mules to transport something. The mules both died within one day. WJ Digby kept his word and paid for the mules.


The check pictured below is just an example of the Digby's business practices. WJ Digby's word was his bond, and we still believe in running our business that way.